English Roses collection

One thing that I discovered when I moved to the UK was that no one knows more about gardens and flowers than the English.

So when we had to create Beatrice and Bee’s SS18 collection, we decided the best places to look for inspiration were the English gardens and countryside houses decorated with roses in Spring-Summer. 

english country house with roses

english roses garden

english roses garden

There is nothing more beautiful than a typically English roses garden in full bloom in Summer!

english roses garden

Did you know that the rose is England's favourite flower?

In England you can find old garden roses, English roses and old English roses. But there's much more things you probably didn't know about roses...

There are about of 100 species of roses, which vary in colour and shape. However tea roses are the most common. They come in every colour except blue.

The favourite flower of lovers is the rose, so each year in February about 100 million roses are grown for Valentine's Day.

pink roses

All our garments were inspired on pink and white roses and Spring-Summer colours like sky or French blue. In honor to the rose breeder David Austin, we will give them David Austin roses names like Agnes, Grace, Chloe and Charlotte.

Here is a sneak peek of our SS18 collection which will be available very soon.

SS18 english roses collection beatrice & bee

SS18 english roses collection beatrice & bee

Photo credits: Olga Art Photography and Pinterest