From Milan with Love

From Milan with Love

Meet Italian mum of 2, Mariangela, author of one of our favourite blogs - 'Moms about Town' - and Instagram pages. 

Fall in love with her favourite places to go with her children Olivia, 9, and Antonio, 8, in her hometown Milan, secret spots to escape on the weekends and irresistible recipes to bake with children. Many of them were very useful to make her children busy during lockdown!

mariangela with antonio and olivia

How maternity changed your life? I definitely became more organised and multitasking. Even more patient than I've ever been!
How is life in Milan with 2 children? Milan is quite a kids friendly city... We live the city to the fullest: go to art exhibitions and to concerts and shows dedicated to children. Milan has a lot to offer!
Which places in Milan do you recommend to go with children? I recommend MUBA - the Children's Museum - that has art exhibitions and performances for children. It also has an amazing bookstore and the museum bistro is perfect for lunch. I also recommend the opera shows for children at prestigious Teatro alla Scala.
You live in Milan but you like to escape from the city any time you have a chance. What do you like most about the countryside and pretty Italian villages? In winter we usually leave town every weekend to go to ski on the mountains close by: skiing is something all the family loves and we love to do it together. Otherwise we like to go to the countryside so children can play free and safe and adults can relax.
antonio and olivia playing in a little village
olivia and antonio in the bath
Italy was the first country in Europe affected by COVID-19 pandemic. How do you remember that time and how was your life with 2 children during lockdown? We actually created a new routine and I have memories of those days like children having homeschooling in the morning and in the afternoon we made puzzles, played bingo or baked together. We baked a lot!

Now it's time to go back to school after such a long time... Are Olivia and Antonio excited? Olivia is quite excited, Antonio not so much as he heard he has to stick to his desk for the whole school time. Poor thing... he is a very lively and energetic boy!

How do you describe them? Antonio is a hurricane... loud, sporty, fun, a brat! Olivia is calm and very sweet. Their clothing reflect a lot of their personality.

mariangela with her children in a bikeolivia wearing a frill swimsuit

Which are your Beatrice & Bee's favourites? The floral print blouses... they are definitely Olivia's style! :)

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