Meet our Little Models - Part 1

Meet our Little Models - Part 1

We would like to introduce you to the models of our photo shoots. They're customers and friends of our brand, making part of the Beatrice & Bee family.

Let's start with my daughters Leonor and Ines. They're the ones that try the most part of the samples of the collections and always have a word to say about them. They tell me how much they like a colour or print and how comfortable and easy to wear are the clothes.

Leonor is 7 and has been participating in our photo shoots since the beginning. She likes to hold the camera and taking pictures, and is crazy about makeup. She always loved dresses, but recently she asked me to start wearing jeans like some of her friends! Leonor never played with toys or dolls, but she loves playdates, arts & crafts and sports like tennis and swimming. Her favourite games are Uno and Monopoly.


Inêis 5 and is crazy about chocolate. She prefers to wear comfy and sporty clothes rather than traditional dresses. Her favourite way to spend the day is baking a chocolate cake at home, going to the playground or being by the pool during the summer holidays. She loves summer and doesn’t like winter. She prefers to enjoy the beauty of the snow from the window of her bedroom than going outside to play in the cold and make a snowman. She says she wants to be a DJ when she grows up!


Penny is 7 years old. She is outgoing and loves having her picture taken and meet new people. She loves to get dressed up, she even dresses her friends in her clothing when they come to play. Penny loves a pretty dress for a party, but also loves to play sport and ride her bike or scooter. She likes to experiment with fashion and is not afraid to try out a new look. Her favourite sport is swimming and she’s recently joined scouts and is looking forward to her first camp! She wants to be a chef and loves making pancakes on the weekend with her mum.


Matilde is 7 and she's a very happy and funny girl. She loves unicorns and mermaids and her favourite colours are pink and purple. She loves arts & crafts, specially painting. She also takes her swimming lessons very seriously. She dreams about winning an Olympic medal as a swimmer when she grows up!


Teddy is 5 years old. He is kind and gentle, and loves to joke around. He loves to play football but his favourite thing to do is build magnificent creations with his magnatiles. Teddy would love to be a builder when he grows up. He is currently planning his 6th birthday party which he would like to be a space party and serve spaghetti & meatballs. He loves to be comfortable, and does not like to wear a coat! He often likes to match his daddy wearing a smart shirt and plimsoles.


Emma is a happy 7 years old girl. Her favourite things are cycling, sleepover parties, fashion dolls, ballet, Irish dance... Well, anything to do with dancing and singing! She also loves reading and drawing. Her dream at the moment is becoming a doctor, ballet teacher and a pop star at the same time!

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