Our Bee

Our Bee

I must confess it was really challenging to create the logo of our brand as to choose the name - Beatrice & Bee.

In fact, this name wasn't the first I though but when a friend suggested it, it was love at first sight! After many days of search for the name that could represent the values and personality of the brand, I had no doubts: "This is the one!". Classic and elegant as Beatrice and funny and childlike as Bee.

Besides that Beatrice (Beatriz in Portuguese & Spanish) is one of my favourite names, so it feels like she is my third daughter.

On my first post I have also to mention my two daughters, Leonor & Inês. They were my biggest inspiration to create Beatrice & Bee and therefore the logo.

My palette inspiration was Pink & Blue (because my designs will be for Girls & Boys) and Golden (the color to symbolise the Bee). 


Beatrice and Bee Palette Inspiration


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