Thank you ❤️

Thank you ❤️

I want to Thank You for all your beautiful messages of congratulations, love and excitement after we shared the news that I’m having a baby on our Instagram account.

As you may know, it was the maternity that made me create Beatrice & Bee in 2017. Before having children, the idea of launching a baby & childrenswear brand never crossed my mind. I didn't study fashion or textile design and I had no idea how this industry worked. So my experience was developing at the same time as my daughters were growing up. 

Leonor, 6Y, and Ines, 5Y, inspired me to launch the brand and keep inspiring me every day. Many times, they’re the ones who help me choosing patterns for dresses or explain me why some styles are more easy-to-wear than others. They couldn’t be happier and they're counting the days to meet the baby which due date will be end of October. He/She is already part of the Beatrice & Bee family ❤️

Lots of love,

Maria xx

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