It may sound like a cliché, but after becoming a mother of a baby girl in 2014, founder and director Maria started looking at childrenswear with different eyes, specially the beautiful handmade and high quality pieces that she could find in her home country, Portugal, and in Spain, where she lived before moving to the UK in 2013.

Around her South West London neighbourhood, known as the Nappy Valley, she would be asked by other mothers in the park and at playgroups: “Where did you buy this lovely dress?” or “Is it Made in Spain?”. Hearing these words so many times - “You should start selling your daughter's outfits!” - made her think.

In 2017, and after having one more baby girl, this wish came true and Beatrice & Bee was born. Passionate about vintage hand smocked dresses, Peter Pan collars and Mary Jane shoes, the style of the brand was easy to define. Traditional clothing with a modern twist, responsibly made and easy to wear... for stylish children who love to play and be(e) happy!